Conference programme

Sunday, 22 nd of September 2013
Arrival and Registration Hotel Mercure Remscheid (Website)

18:00 Welcome with Snacks & Drinks Hotel Mercure

Monday, 23rd September 2013

08:00    Registration at Klosterkirche Lennep (Website)

Welcome by the  Mayor Beate Wilding, Max. Krott & Carsten Schusser

  • Keynote by Melanie McDermott: “ Examining Equity- a Challenge for Community Forestry”

10:30 Coffee break

  • Keynote by Carsten Schusser: “Actor’s Power and Interests as Drivers of Community Forestry”
  • Keynote by Paola Gatto : “The challenge of adaptation: Old and new models of Forest Commons in the Italian eastern Alps”
12:30    Lunch break   

14:00 -15:30   
Session 1: Empower & CF
Chair: M. McDermott,
Rapporteur: C. Schusser
  • J. W. Kiragu: “Women’s Roles and Burdens- Community Forest Associations and Private Farms in Kenya and other African Countries as Suppliers of Energy Wood”
  • S. Chomba: “Does Access to Communal Forest Benefits under Decentralisation provides a Pathway out of Vulnerability? A case Study from Kenya”
  • B.K.Pokharel :: “ Where There is a Will, There is a Way: An Analysis of the Achievements and Opportunities of CF in Nepal, based on 20 years of Project Experience”

    Session 2: Climate Change & CF
    Chair: W. Dressler
    Rapporteur: C. Danks
  • R. Hajjar: “The role of Secondary- Level Institutions in Promoting Community and Small-Scale Forestry in REDD+ and FLEGT Mechanisms: Cases from Ghana and Mexico”
  • E. Furness: “ “Community Forest Organisations and Adaptation to Climate Change in British Colombia, Canada”
  • J.C. Bezerra: “ The North- South Debate in the New Climate Scenario- National and International Issues regarding REDD programs in the Brazilian Amazon”

    15:30    Coffee break   

    16:00    Short Summary of session 1 & 2 and Discussion

    17:00    Poster session moderated by M. Krott   

    19:30    Walk & Talk in the Forest with a delicious Dinner in the Forest   

Tuesday, 24th September 2013

  • Keynote by Nevenka Bogataj & Tine Premrl: “Could the traditional local level practice be understood as a community based resource management”
  • Keynote by Wolfram Dressler: “Misaligned Intentions: Finding and Fixing the locals in REDD+ Governance”
10:30    Coffee break   

  • Keynote by Jill M. Belsky: “Community Forestry in Bhutan and Montana: Comparative Engagements with Neoliberal Conservation”
  • Keynote by Anna Lawrence: “ How Community Forests Evolve: a Dynamic Process Between People and Policy”   

Lunch break   

14:00 - 15:30  
Session 3: Power & CF

Chair: J.M. Belsky
Rapporteur: A. Lawrence
  • T. Sikor, D. Gritten, J. Atkinson: “Community Forestry in the Asia- Pacific: Quo Vadis?”
  • P. R. Oyono: “ Towards the Individualisation of Land Tenure Rights? Introducing the Debate on the Fate of Community Forestry in Central Africa”
  • M.C. Yufanyi Movuh,: “Decolonize Forest Policy: Colonialism's legacy for Community Forestry"

Session 4: Innovations & CF

Chair: W. Dressler
Rapporteur: T. Premrl
  • F. Pareyn, M. A. Garigilio: “ Community Forest Management in North- East Semi-Arid Brazil: a Tool for Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy Supply”
  • M.W. Lyman: “ Community Forests: A Community Investment Strategy”
  • B. Ambrose-Oji “ Not just dog walking, birds and bean poles! Community forestry in Britain develops to reflect enterprising and equitable models of the global South”

Coffee break   

16:00    Discussion   

  • Short summaries of sessions: 3 & 4 by A. Lawrence and Tine Premrl
  • General Summary- Discussion Conclusion hosted by M. Krott   

Conference Dinner

Wednesday, 25th September 2013

9:00 - 1200    
Field trip Remscheid:
Community Forestry for Urbanised Forest Owners (Forest 2.0/Wald 2.0)

12:00    Departure of participants